So you're in the process of planning your daughter's next birthday bash?  Well you've come to the right place!

   Be Dazzled is your one stop shop to for all of your party needs. We accommodate everything from beginning to end. We provide exclusive invitations, the Be Dazzled party of your choice, a signature Be Dazzled Cake, decorations, music, wardrobe, games, and gifts. Your fantasy bash can become a reality, and you're guaranteed to BE DAZZLED!

  • Be Dazzled Daydream Pajama Fantasy​

  • Be Dazzled Hollywood Celebration​

  • Be Dazzled ​Dance Jam

  • Be Dazzled Royal Princess Party​

  • Be Dazzled Fashionista Runway Bash

What’s included?
  • 30 Minutes in the Dazzle Deli

  • Party Coordinator and Cake Place Hostess,

  • Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, and Forks,

  • Goodie Bags

  • Customized Dazzle Cake

  • Dazzle Certificate for your guest

  • Glittery Make-Up Application

  • Wardrobe & Costumes

  • Lights & Music

  • We also include a special gift just for the Birthday Girl!, and a Group Photo

BE DAZZLED Hollywood Celebration

A star is born! When you walk in BE DAZZLE doors you officially become a celebrity. So what’s a day like in the life a Hollywood Celeb? The day is all about you being in the spotlight and walking the Red Carpet, Model Runway, flashing lights and cameras! To get ready for the big event, you and all your fabulous friends will receive our Movie Star Makeover and Celebrity manicures. Then, it's off to the Runway, where you and your friends will make appearances on the catwalk. Next, it’s off to the dance with your celebrity friends. Lastly, is the Awards Ceremony on the Red Carpet where each celebrity receives an Award Trophy and waves to the paparazzi! In the midst of all the lights, camera, and action there will celeb games, food served VIP style, special gifts for the birthday diva, and goodies for her celebrity entourage.

BE DAZZLED Daydream Pajama Fantasy

You don’t have to slumber to have a pajama party! The Bedazzled Daydream Pajama Party has an interesting twist, it’s in the day!! As soon as you walk in the door you will walk into a fantasy!  The atmosphere gives the girls a dreamy fantasy feel. The Dream Girl (the birthday girl) and her crew will have pajama party themed games, a pillow top lounge, singing and dancing, and food/ beverages in the Be Dazzled Deli. Before each girl leaves their “dream” they will get Be Dazzled certificate and goodie bag. The birthday girl will receive a special gift on behalf of Be Dazzle Fantasies, a group photo, and not to mention, be the center of attention!

BE DAZZLED Royal Princess Party

What little girl doesn't want to be a princess? This party allows the birthday girl to transform into a princess and have her royal party accompany her in a day full of majestic events. The princess and her royal pals will have a royal makeover, play ravishing games, and eat and drink in the royal headquarters. The princess will also have a royal dance and presentation where she is presented with her special Be Dazzled gift! The royal party will also leave with gifts, goodies, and wonderful grins!

BE DAZZLED Fashionista Runway Bash

Are you a Fashionista when it comes to fashion? Well make the Be Dazzled Fashionista Runway Bash the party for you! You and your friends can get a Top Model Makeover, walk the catwalk in fierce clothing with cameras flashing, and play exciting games! The high- profile model and her crew will be treated like celebs they are and enjoy primping, modeling, with food and games galore! They will also get goody bags, certificates, and the birthday girl will get her exclusive Be Dazzled gift!!


Really love to dance? Well this is your type of party! The Be Dazzled Dance Jam is a high energy party where the birthday girl and her friends can dance away. Features include the girls learning a hip, cool dance routine, performing on stage, several dancing games, receive makeovers, and eat and drink merrily! The Dance Diva will receive her special Be Dazzled gift and goodies and leave her friends with certificates and goody bags as well.


Do you supply the food?

We have our signature Be Dazzled Cake that we supply for each birthday party! In each party package we also provide napkins, plates, and utensils. Feel free to bring other foods and beverages of your choice. We have freezers for ice cream, and places to store food.

​What do I have to do to reserve my spot?


First, you’ll want to give us a call to check availability. Once you have decided on your party date/time we require a deposit of $100 to secure that time slot. You will also need to fill out and sign our Party Booking Form to finalize the booking process. All of this can be done at LilyRoze Studios.

How far in advance do I have to book?


Typically our parties book up 4 - 6 weeks in advance. Feel free to give us a call to talk about availability!

How long are the Parties?

Our Signature Birthday Parties are 2 hours. The first hour and a half is spent being pampered and entertained. The Birthday Girl and her guests will spend the last 30 minutes in our Cake Place room to enjoy any sweet treats you bring!


What about the deposit? Do I get that money back?


Be Dazzled party deposit are non-refundable. Cancellations occurring within one week of a scheduled party date/time are nonrefundable. Your deposit amount will be applied to your balance the day of the party during check-out.

Are we supposed to tip the Party Hostesses? What is the recommended gratuity?


The Be Dazzled Hostesses are tipped employees and if you are happy with your party experience, you will have an opportunity to add gratuity upon checkout. Their entire focus will be on your party and making it a great time for the kids.

Do you have to have chaperons?

Yes! Be Dazzled requires you to have at least 2 chaperons.

How many Hostess?


There will be 2 Be Dazzled hostesses.​







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