Our classes are a great mix of games, learning, and fun that will have your child wishing it was Saturday every day of the week! They’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and grow their confidence.

The class meets on Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM with one 30-minute break for 12 weeks and provides kids/tweens & teens a place to practice and learn acting techniques.  The curriculum includes Technique, Script Analysis, Monologues, Improvs, Scenes and Character Development. This program is for both the serious young actor and for those just beginning their training as the pedagogy is tailored to the individual.

LilyRoze prides itself on producing a non-competitive atmosphere where every child ages 4-17 can shine.

What sets LilyRoze apart is its exclusive ability to adapt original screenplays and scripts and tailor them to the specific needs and talents of the cast of each child that is registered that semester. The end result of each semester is a finale of remarkable performances where the children shine and showcase their talents and accomplishments on either the stage or the movie screen.

Whether the purpose of a student is to turn professional, or simply enjoy the stage or film or television acting, performing and even writing, the exposure to a LilyRoze Studios experience will bring out his or her self- esteem and self-confidence.  LilyRoze workshops are a hands-on experience where your children will learn all aspects of theater and film.